Wow, I'm terrible at websites...

The title basically says it all.

Putting this website together was

p a i n f u l .

You can't see it, but right now I'm giving a deep, reverent bow to people who do this for a living. And I didn't even do any actual coding, hahahaaaaa.

But I think it turned out okay? Hope so, because it's staying like this for a good long time.

Anyway, welcome! Realistically, I don't see myself blogging with any regularity, but I will pop by to post updates, reading- and writing-related stuff, hopefully -- FINGERS CROSSED! -- fanart, and (let's be real) probably pictures of my dog.

Thanks for stopping by!

And oh, look, here's a dog picture already.

Hello, Comic-Book Style, from me and Pigeon

Hello, Comic-Book Style, from me and Pigeon