We sold INK!

So INK IN THE BLOOD will be a real book! On a real bookshelf! You can read a bit more about the book here, but at its heart INK is my love letter to artists, rebels, and dreamers. It's full of theatre, street performers, and tattoo art. It stars a pure friendship and a trickster god, a silent mime and a loud plague doctor, a bit of love and quite a bit more lust, and people standing up to the powerful and corrupt. I love the characters so, so much and can't wait to share their weirdness. ❤️

I'm thrilled and oh so terrified.

See, I've had a bit of time** to process this news, and I've gradually moved from the muppet-flailing stage to the oh-no-real-people-will-read-this!! stage. One day, I might do a more detailed post on how long this road has been for me (it stars quite a few other "first" books, rejections, a small publisher offer, agent1, drama, more rejections, pitch wars, revisions, agent2, more revisions...), but after working so long towards something, it's completely surreal to know it's finally happening.

I know people will love INK and I also know some people will hate it. I'm excited to share it and I'm nervous because people will judge it. It's a screwy paradox, the life of a creative: we yearn to share secret parts of ourselves, hoping those intimacies will resonate with others, and yet we can (often) be the most sensitive, anxious, and fragile people.

I suppose I need to get used to living these opposites, do the work, and hope I stay sane along the way.

The truth is that I love this story. I wouldn't have worked on it so long if I didn't.

And I really hope you love it, too.

❤️ Kim


* INK actually sold at the beginning of November(!) last year, so we're talking 7+ months of processing time. Publishing is notorious for giving authors good news and then making us wait forever to share it. 😂

Wow, I'm terrible at websites...

The title basically says it all.

Putting this website together was

p a i n f u l .

You can't see it, but right now I'm giving a deep, reverent bow to people who do this for a living. And I didn't even do any actual coding, hahahaaaaa.

But I think it turned out okay? Hope so, because it's staying like this for a good long time.

Anyway, welcome! Realistically, I don't see myself blogging with any regularity, but I will pop by to post updates, reading- and writing-related stuff, hopefully -- FINGERS CROSSED! -- fanart, and (let's be real) probably pictures of my dog.

Thanks for stopping by!

And oh, look, here's a dog picture already.

Hello, Comic-Book Style, from me and Pigeon

Hello, Comic-Book Style, from me and Pigeon