We sold INK!

We sold INK!

So INK IN THE BLOOD will be a real book! On a real bookshelf! You can read a bit more about the book here, but at its heart INK is my love letter to artists, rebels, and dreamers. It's full of theatre, street performers, and tattoo art. It stars a pure friendship and a trickster god, a silent mime and a loud plague doctor, a bit of love and quite a bit more lust, and people standing up to the powerful and corrupt. I love the characters so, so much and can't wait to share their weirdness. ❤️

I'm thrilled and oh so terrified.

See, I've had a bit of time** to process this news…

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Wow, I'm terrible at websites...

The title basically says it all.

Putting this website together was

p a i n f u l .

You can't see it, but right now I'm giving a deep, reverent bow to people who do this for a living. And I didn't even do any actual coding, hahahaaaaa.

But I think it turned out okay? Hope so, because it's staying like this for a good long time.

Anyway, welcome! Realistically, I don't see myself blogging with any regularity, but I will pop by to post updates, reading- and writing-related stuff, hopefully -- FINGERS CROSSED! -- fanart, and (let's be real) probably pictures of my dog.

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